CAPTAIN TAREK DREAM: رئاسة الجمهورية | بيان صحفي

CAPTAIN TAREK DREAM: رئاسة الجمهورية | بيان صحفي.

Egyptian Presidency | Press Release

April 8, 2013


In a follow-up, Dr. Mohamed Morsi President of the violence that took place in Egypt recently, issued sovereignty today ordered restructuring and activating the National Council for Justice and Equality, which aims to promote those values ​​and a culture of citizenship and raise awareness of, and contribute to a legal guarantees and realistic ensure justice and equality Egyptian people regardless of origin, gender or religion or belief.


Closely so, calls for the institution of the presidency of all political forces and national to make proposals in relation to the formation and powers of the Council and to activate them.


On the other hand, the presidency has instructed the Ministry of Interior quickly adjust the perpetrators and bring them to investigation authorities and hold them accountable enforcement of the law.


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