captain tarek


my name is tarek, Egyptian Greek 42 years old pilot ,human being rights defender, political activist,love nature and beauty,loves my harmonica and piano.loves shaman and advanced yoga techniques,likes the view of the open flowers with the marvelous birds song,love children and hate hurting them,hate wars and careless people, hate injustice and oppressors and fighting them everywhere, love the care of children and their rights, hate strongly oppression of women and insulting or hurting her with all meanings, hate violence, war and hatred, like slow quiet and romantic music and the sound of the sea and the sight of the net pure skies above the clouds which free from deception and hypocrisy and lying,peoples love is my food and the blood in my arteries,my heart is loyal beating with passion and care,very simple intelligent man love human being natural living freely without borders or limits without hurt or cheat or lie or fake persons,like to play with flute and sing and dance anytime anywhere,loves to write , analyze and writing poems for lovers,admire the view of the couple old mean and women still in love and standing hand in hand,Possessed a sixth sense to know phonies and hypocrites and hate idiots and the ignorant,Call out everywhere around the world for the love of our Motherland Nature and preserve it by all means. I love care for mothers and chase oppressors and return rights to the helpless people , respect for the others opinion and freedom of expression and creativity,I was born lonely, In my life is lonely and even in the sky alone.i am Love bird sings a sad love song over the sky and looking for loyalty and faithfulness in the hearts of human beings world wide,I was born loves freedom and Call out loudly with my doctrinal and will remain my style and my life to the end of my life Call out and working for what I believe among all peoples and nations

Love. Peace … And freedom


what do you think? will be happy to knew your comment

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